Athletic Training Room Policies and Injury Procedures

Athletic Training Room Polices & Injury Procedures


  1. Must be reported to the trainer on the day that they occur or the very next morning.  The quicker the athlete receives treatment for an injury, the quicker he/she can get back to 100% health.
  2. Injured players unable to practice are still expected to be in attendance at practice and mentally preparing for the upcoming game.  Treatment will be assigned by the trainer and will not be provided during practice time unless approved by the head coach.
  3. Athletes should not see a physician regarding an athletic related injury without consulting the athletic trainer first, either via telephone or in person.  This does not apply in the case of an emergency.
  4. Athletes are not to get out of class to come to the Training Room.
  5. Athletes are not to go to the school nurse for a sports related injury, only if they are feeling sick.
  6. Parent notes will not be accepted as a reason to miss practice. If an athlete is too ill or injured to practice then he/she must report to the Athletic Trainer or bring a written note from the doctor specifying the illness/injury and the number of days the athlete is to miss.
  7. If you do go to a doctor for an injury you must provide a doctor’s note to the athletic trainer and you must get cleared by that doctor before you can return to play
  8. The athletic trainer can only treat injuries sustained in a UIL sanctioned practice or competition. Therefore if you are hurt playing around at lunch or  on the weekend the Athletic Trainer can only provide basic first aid and you will need to see a doctor and then adhere to whatever the doctor prescribes
Photo Credit: LSU showing the treatment and rehabilitation of an ankle injury

Training Room

Being in the training room is not an acceptable excuse for being late to practices or meetings, unless previous arrangements with the coach have been made.  Try to get taped before you do anything else, then get dressed.  If there is a long wait in the training room, get dressed as much as possible and then go to the training room.

Treatment Times

Before School    7:30 AM – 8:45 AM

Lunch Period (Consultation Only)

Treatment during Athletic Periods will only take place if you have been to morning treatments that morning or under special circumstances as designated by the Head Coach and Athletic Trainer

Student Trainers

  1. Student trainers and managers work for free. They are here to learn athletic training and to be a part of the athletic program.  They are not the players’ servants.
  2. If you treat the student trainers with respect, then you will be treated with respect in return. (Disrespectful treatment of these people will not be tolerated).