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Attention Rebel Athletes! Want to get faster, stronger and become a better athlete? Want to improve as a person? Want to be the best athlete and person you can become? Well then Ripped Camp is the answer for you! Ripped Camp registration is currently underway. Incoming 7th graders from our feeder schools thru 12th grade Travis Athletes should sign up today. Ripped Camp will run from June 10 – July 18. Camp is free of charge and shirts cost $10.00. Ripped Camp is for student-athletes living in the Travis attendance zone or for those who attend Travis High School.

Click below for registration form:

2019 RIPPED Camp Registration

RIPPED Training Camp is a 5 week strength and conditioning camp designed especially for female and male athletes in grade 7th —12th.  The RIPPED Camp  program was developed by the Travis  Rebel Football Coaching Staff. RIPPED Camp  is staffed by experienced coaches from all sports at Travis High School. The camp does not focus on one particular sport, but rather on common skills and strengths needed in all sports.
RIPPED Camp will allow athletes to explode through barriers by employing a mixture of strength, resistance, speed, and agility training. The RIPPED Camp program not only develops the body, but also the athlete’s character though daily “Champion Talks.” At the end of the 5 week camp, RIPPED Camp participants  will not only improve on their athletic ability, they will also improve as a person.

The first step is very simple. Each athlete needs to turn in a RIPPED registration form. This holds your spot in camp. If you want a T-Shirt, check the T-Shirt box on the registration form and designate which size and include cash/check for $10.00 made out to Travis Athletic Department. If you have any questions, just contact Joe Frank Martinez at 414-7738 or email at:


  1. We are planning a family vacation. Can my daughter/son still come to RIPPED Camp? Yes! Just register for RIPPED Camp and come workout everyday you are here. Four weeks of work are better than none.
  1. My son/daughter does not play football, can he/she still come to RIPPED Camp? This is NOT a football camp. This is a Strength & Speed Camp for ALL male and female athletes. We train athletes, not sports at RIPPED Camp.
  2. My son/daughter is going to be an 7th grader next year; can he/she still come? Yes. U.I.L regulations allow incoming 7th graders and older to participate in RIPPED Camp.
  3. Does my child need any special equipment for RIPPED Camp? They need athletic shorts, an athletic shirt, and athletic shoes. No jewelry please.
  4. Workouts are in the summer, will Texas heat be a factor? This is the main reason we workout in the morning. There will also be water available at all times during workouts and all coaches are CPR and First aid certified.
  5. Where do I go for Camp? Enter Travis High School on the west side and come around behind the school. The weight room will be in the back.